Nicole Scherzinger gets the smokey eyes down to a tee and so can you by following these 5 easy steps.  All you need is black eyeliner, an eyeshadow brush, bronze & black eyeshadow, a small smudger brush and mascara.

  1. Create the outline by applying black eyeliner to your eyelids.  Draw a thick line across your eyelids with the eyeliner and work your way down to the outer parts – make sure you get in between the eyelashes to add volume and length.  Then draw a thin line with the black eyeliner on the rims of the bottom eyelids. 
  2. Using the eyeshadow brush, base your upper eyelids from the thick line upwards with the bronze eye shadow.  Lightly apply black eyeshadow to the crease on the corner of your upper eyelids with the eyeshadow brush. 
  3. For the corner of your eyes, dab on black eyeshadow to the eyeshadow brush and apply this to the outer sides of your upper eyelids. 
  4. Using the smudger brush, lightly smudge along the thick black line on the upper eyelids.  For the lower eyelids, dab some black eye shadow onto the smudger brush and lightly smudge the bottom of your eyelashes.
  5. To finish off the smokey eyes use volume and length adding mascara on your eyelashes!

ME says, smokey eyes go best with nude lipstick but if you want to turn the heat up this winter, use red lipstick!