For most women, the transition from being ‘single’ to being ‘in a relationship’ can be awkward and uncomfortable.  You are enjoying hanging out but not knowing whether or not you are in a relationship can be frustrating.  Some may say, nowadays men rarely ask women to be their girlfriends still, most women would prefer to know where they stand rather than making assumptions.  So they wait for him to bring it up or for the opportunity to arise but sometimes this doesn’t happen.  For those who find themselves in this situation, there comes a point when they can’t take it anymore.  So when and how do you have ‘the talk’?

Here are few pointers from Miss E…

  • Let him know what you want from the start – if you are only looking for a serious relationship or to settle, tell him.  This can be done in passing but make sure he knows what you want.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection, go straight to the point, say it as it is, ‘I am a bit confused, are we in a relationship?’ – his reaction will give you an indication of where things stand.
  • If going straight to the point is unnerving, ask him indirectly – ‘where do you think this is heading?’
  • Ask yourself ‘what do I want?’-  you may find after all you don’t want to be in a relationship with the guy or you are not ready for one!
  • Always remember your worth and that the right person is worth waiting for – never rush yourself or anyone into anything, only have the talk when you feel you are both heading in the right direction!