To acknowledge Thanksgiving, The X Factor USA contestants performed songs specially dedicated to someone they were thankful for.  The contestants all gave moving performances however our personal favourite was Melanie Amaro, who stole the show. 

Melanie dedicated her song to God – Her performance of ‘The World’s Greatest’ which was written and recorded by R. Kelly was heartfelt but no one was prepared for what followed afterwards.  In tears, Melanie thanked God, her grandparents, her mum then suddenly broke out in a thick Caribbean accent!  The crowd and judges applauded her.  LA Reid moved, said to Melanie, he was so glad the person talking came tonight!  Melanie in sobs replied in her Caribbean accent, ‘The trip I have been on in my life, being back and forth from the Virgin Islands to here, never getting to see my mother and father all the time…I have an accent, this is really me, Melanie’.  Nicole Scherzinger also breaking down in tears told Melanie how courageous she was and even asked her for a hug.  Thumbs up Melanie!

On a lower note, it was sad to see LeRoy Bell’s journey come to an end on The X Factor USA.