A lot of women are tempted to go natural however the thought of cutting your hair and growing it from scratch is frightening.  Many questions come to mind, will the natural look suit your face, will the curls come out right?  Well here are a few tips from Miss Ethnicity to make the transition to the natural side easier…

Picture it – don’t cut your hair until you are certain you are ready for the chop.  There’s no guarantee that you will get Solange Knowles’s  curls so play around with the idea of having natural hair and see yourself in the look – use extensions, try wigs with different curl sizes or get your hairdresser to turn your straight locks into curls. 

Research – ask your friends who have natural hair how easy it is to maintain.   Getting the pros and cons of going natural could bring you into the realisation of whether or not you are ready to go to the natural side.

Rock it – once you have decided to go for the snip, rock it and own it.  Bear in mind every natural afro is different, embrace yours and enjoy your natural look.   Experiment with your hair, wear it up, down, to the side, put a flower in it – have fun with it and get comfortable in your new hairdo!