When we see celebrities wearing the same clothes and using their accessories more than once, it reminds us they are human beings just like us.  Meagan Good and Leona Lewis know how to make good use of their wardrobe.  Meagan Good knows that ‘these boots are made for walking’ and that’s just what they do! Meagan is spotted in the grey boots at the Love, Peace & Hair Grease Party hosted by HBO.

Meagan Good knows how to remain fashionable despite the weather.  She has got on the right boots for the snow – practical and fashionable.

Meagan Good is once again seen wearing her grey boots at McDonald’s launch of Chicken McBites in LA, California.

Leona Lewis is spotted wearing this beige coat and using this leopard print bag on several occassions – we love this combo.

Leona Lewis wears a black coat and is seen with her leopard skin bag – this bag goes with many colours, we are sure it will look great with pale pink or red.

 Leona is spotted wearing the beige coat with leopard print bag – it goes well with a dash of pink.

** We love celebrities that know coats and bags are made to be used more than once. **