Valentine’s Day is around the corner and shops are stocked with the perfect gifts for women – how about men?  You may be one of the lucky few who already figured out what to get for your man or maybe you are still struggling like most of the other women in the world.  Well, if you are in the latter group, Miss E is here to the rescue.  Here are our top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

1.  Sports Time – Football Tickets, Golf Resorts etc.  This a sure winner; just make sure you know his favourite sport and team.

2.  Upgrade Him – Get him an iPad2 or iPhone4 if he doesn’t have one yet, most men love gadgets so this will put a big smile on his face.

3.  Bling Him Up – Guys love watches, find his style and get him with the times.

4.  Game Boy –  There will always be a new game out and men never have enough games but make sure you buy the right type of game – start by finding out if he has a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii.

5.  Lights, Camera, Action – No not the Kim Kardashian and Ray J type of video more like a collection of his favourite movies like The Godfather, The Departed to Indiana Jones.  Not only would he love this but it’s also a great way to get him to stay in.

6.  Protection – If he loves gadgets, he probably already has an Ipad, Iphone or BlackBerry, so why not get a very nice case to protect his gadgets.

7.  Accessorize – Belts, ties, socks; yes these are basic and obvious gifts but they come in handy and you can’t go wrong with these.

8.  Clothing – A man cannot have too many office shirts, casual shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts.

9.  Perfume – Yes it’s obvious but men never grow tired of this.

10.  ‘I OWE U’ – If you are on a tight budget, ‘I Owe U’ vouchers are not only priceless but great fun.  Create vouchers, from ‘hugs and kisses’, ‘whatever you fancy’, ‘laundry’, ‘your favourite meal’ to ‘sole possession of the remote’.  Go wild with imagination and keep your man smiling.