About Lola Ro

Lola Ro. was founded by Lola Rotimi, a jewelry designer specialising in trend setting statement pieces. Her passion for jewelry is derived from the heart of her home land in West Africa, where jewelry is not only regarded as an accessory but as a lifestyle.

Each piece in the Lola Ro collection is carefully thought out and designed using refreshingly bold and uniquely shaped gemstones sourced from around the world.  Lola’s worldwide exposure continues to be an inspiration for creating one of a kind, show stop collections and provides an expression of cultural diversity and fashion.

Lola Ro. which was only created a year ago has already received positive reviews and established a name in the fashion industry.  Lola Ro. has been featured in Fab Magazine Nigeria, Better TV – USA, Top Wedding Trends, WBAL TV Baltimore News – USA, Calling All Fashionistas – See The Latest Trends for Spring and Genevieve Magazine – Nigeria.

How Lola got started…

Ever since I can recall my passion was connected to creativity, if it wasn’t painting or poetry, it was something artistic.  For me every day is a new creation and I have always been a person who loves to create new things. I had this love for jewelry; I especially enjoyed seeing the bold necklaces that African women wore with their cultural outfits.   My passion and fascination for vibrant, refreshing and rare gemstones motivated me to take up the art of jewelry designing.   Overtime I perfected my skills by watching and learning from local Nigerian artists. I decided to take what I had learned to the Western world by creating designs that could be worn on native or western clothing and so I started Lola Ro. in May 2011.

The best part of the job…

What I love the most about making jewelry is my ability to think of new and complex designs because the fashion industry is evolving every day. Every season there is a new trend and I love to follow and compete with the trend!  I also love to come up with new things that are not on the market. Lola Ro. goes beyond the trend and offer pieces that the industry has never seen before and cannot be found anywhere else in the market.

What inspires you?

Well, what inspires me is just what’s in me. It is a natural born talent and I always tell people the passion in you should be your inspiration! I love what I do and can’t give it up because it is built in me and so this passion drives me every day. It is something I love to do and is enough to inspire me to want to do it every day!

The new collection…

The Hawaii and Lifestyle Collection as the name suggests is inspired by the beauty of Hawaii, the energy of its ocean waves and the lifestyle on the Island. The collection is made of bold colours, irregular-shaped gemstones with each piece intricately crafted and unique. The jewelry is designed to make women feel elegant, exotic and free. The Hawaii & Lifestyle collection showcases quality and expert craftsmanship that will bring out the goddess in every woman.

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